New Products
  Turtle Safe Downlight

Low: Low to medium ceiling heights; minimum lumen output to satisfy building codes.
Shielded: Deeply recessed. 50° glare cutoff.
Long: LED color between 585nm and 595nm.
  Architectural LED
Retrofit Kits

Easily convert architectural HID, CFL & 120V Housings to LED.
Fits most frame-in kits.
0-10V Dimming available.
Available in 6", 8" & 10"

  6" Architectural Remote Phosphor LED Downlight

Features Philips Remote Phosphor Technology.
No visible LEDs.
Up to 2000 lumens.
0-10V Dimming option.
  1200 Lumen General
Purpose LED Downlight

Affordable High Performance.
Energy Efficient: 16 Watts, 1200 lumens.
Emergency battery back-up option.
Dimming available.

  GU24 LED Housings,
Trims & Retrofit

13W, 650 Lumen Package.
Energy Star Qualified.
CA Title 24 Certified.
Easy to install GU24 Base.
Available in 4", 5" & 6"
  Eco-Track 1200 Lumen
LED Track Head

Powerful 1200 lumen output.
Energy Efficient at 16 Watts.
Available Dimming option.
Fits all Liton track including multi-circuit.

  LinkaLED Bar Lighting System

60 lumens per Watt at 4000K.
No dark spots with inline connectors.
Modular Plug & Play design: No soldering or flimsy connectors.
  LinkaLED Bar Lighting
Wet Location

24V system uses only 5 Watts per ft.
Damp or wet location rated for indoor and covered outdoor locations.
Dimming drivers available.
Up to 1080 lumens (48")

  LinkaLED 24V Tape Light

24V enables runs up to 25ft.
Seamless runs with in-line power feed and connectors.
Compatible with LinkaLED Bar & Puck drivers and connectors.
  LinkaLED Puck
Light System

Easy to install with LinkaLED 4-Pin connectors or hardwire in parallel.
No visble LEDs.
Up to 30 pucks per run, 80 per driver.

  LinkaLED 12V Tape Light

Seamless runs with in-line power feeds and connectors.
No dark spots in straight runs or corners.
L, T and X shapes offer more design options.
Flexible and silicone covered.
  Square CFL Housings
& Trims

4" & 8" apertures for LT. Commercial & Residential applications.
120V & 277V Electronic Ballast option.
0-10V and Incandescent Dimming.
Reflectors, Frosted Lenses and Crossblade trims available.

  Adjustable Gimbal

Adjustable High Lumen LED trim.
45° Tilt. 3 Beam Spreads: 25°, 45°, 60°.
14W LED. 650 Lumens.
120V or 120V/277V input.
  Architectural LED Downlight

Up to 2000 lumens.
120V/277V Electronic Driver
0-10V & Hi-Lume Dimming.
Available in 4", 6" & 8"